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Who Do We Help ?
Are you a new physician launching your first practice?
Are you a solo or small group practice that needs help
with your website, social networking or marketing needs?
Are you a wellness professional seeking to stand out in an
over-saturated market?

Ready to start or grow your practice? A well-positioned specialty practice brings you the patients you know you can help. We support you so you can make a bigger difference in more lives!  Here's how:

Branding for Physicians

PracticeSpecialty helps you reach the right and profitable niche market that represents your passion and expertise. We'll help you convey why you are the best choice for those patients. We'll bring your healing vision and know-how to life, crafting the right message and images to position you as a leader in your market. Patients call when they know you are a respected and caring expert on their condition.

Content Creation

Tell us what you know in your practice specialty, and we'll package it into niche web content, articles, blog posts, marketing materials, brochures, online courses, emails,
e-books, and more. Patients seek out and enjoy engaging content pertinent to their condition.

Creative Content Deployment

We'll do competitive analyses on how similar niche practitioners in your area are marketing themselves. We'll find ways to use and improve your content to help you stand out among them. We'll put your message where your future patients will find you.



Why Choose


1. Save Money & Time

You can get all your online fundamentals launched or improved while working with only one consultant.

Let PracticeSpecialty handle everything you need from design, copywriting and website improvements. You won't need to work with 5-6 different specialists in each area, none of whom have the big picture of your practice goals. This saves you in extra fees and retainers, and saves you time from having to manage multiple people while struggling to keep everyone in the communication loop.

2. Get it DONE!

Maybe you know what you need, or have a busines coach or practice manager that told you about a specific type of lead magnet, online ad strategy, or that you need a blog. Your problem is that you just don't have the staff, skill or time to set it up and do it on your own. Hire PracticeSpecialty to figure it out and get it going!


"I don't just tell you what you SHOULD do, I'm itching to roll up my sleeves and get it DONE for you. Business coaches and practice management plans are great -- but just don't get stuck in the brainstorming and planning stage. I believe in forward motion and actual production at all times, so that your digital "to do" list shrinks fast. My philosophy is get it up, get it working so that your digital assets can start delivering patients through your door." - Tracy Litsey, Owner & Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tracy Litsey creating and developing a marketing plan, materials and website content for our ophthalmology clinic. Tracy has creative ideas and solutions that were both professional and affordable. She made my life so much easier!"

Nancy B., Practice Administrator


Female Doctor

Individualized, Personal Service - EVERY TIME!

Every branding plan, website, blog post, article, and digital content package we create is unique to every practice and to your individual goals. Our clients don't get "cookie-cutter" junk from a corporate platform. You'll get a real person who's part of your team. Sure, it's "Old School," but it means you can hire PracticeSpecialty to be your very own personal:

Web Developer

Content Marketer


Social Media Manager

Digital Marketer

Branding Consultant

Virtual Communications Pro

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