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Get Telemedicine Info Up FAST!

Covid-19 have you scared about your practice and income? It's time to get busy on telemedicine capability and promotion.

Covid 19 and Social Distancing changed the rules for successful practices.

It's Spring of 2020 and we're all reeling. No one knows when or if life will really get back to normal. Meanwhile, your patients needs you, but they either can't or are too nervous to come to your office or set up a physical exam. With less patients, what can you do? Your business can stay afloat if you're sharp and don't delay.

It's time to let clients and patients know you can deliver consultation by phone or telemedicine: Whether or not you have telemedicine capability set up yet!

You can do this! You don't need to be an expert at teleconferencing. Today's platforms are simple and inexpensive. You will figure it out and improve as you go along. If worse come to worse, offer phone consults. Keep that communication bridge open!

Don't wait! Let your patients know you are available, that you care, and that you will be there for them. The bonus is that telemedicine can keep both you and your patients safe right now, by handling the bulk of your cases by phone or video chat.

1.) Update the HOME page of your website to promote phone and telemedicine ABOVE THE FOLD.

Have a link to a contact form for patients to reach you to schedule phone or telemedicine consultation that they can see the minute they land on your website.

2.) Make Your Plan on How You'll Deliver It

Perhaps you're already comfortable with Skype or cellphone consults. You can also explore this FREE online HIPAA compliant telemedicine service:Doxy Me

3.) Include Telemedicine at TOP of your Social Network Services List and Mention Frequently in Posts.

People may remain hesitant about coming your office right now and for the foreseeable future. The sooner you set this up and people identify you as a go-to health provider they can reach from their home for medical needs, the better. You need to list telemedicine at the top of your content on Facebook, Yelp, Google Business, and anywhere else clients are finding you online.


I want to help keep every single one of my clients in business right now, and help them thrive in this new paradigm.  Reach out, and I'll update your website and socials NOW with your telemedicine services so that your patients don't look for another provider during these difficult times.

If you need a test subject to try out your telemedicine functions, a coach for setting up online platforms, anything at all, let me know. I'm here for you. In the meantime, please stay safe and know that we will all get through this, and maybe come out stronger and better as a healthcare community when this is over.

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