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Make Your Office Forms "Touchless"

Covid-19 means it's important to reduce surface contact and exchanges. Are your office forms "touchless" and able to be completed on a patient's home computer?

It's time to convert office and intake forms into computer-fillable PDFs.

Because of Covid-19, and whether or not you've added telemedicine to your patient services, you'll need to capture intake information, signatures, and info. from routine office forms in new ways. 

Having patients come into the office to complete intake forms, or having them print and fill forms out at home and mail them, may no longer be practical, possible, or the best choice. Why? Because this means:

1.) Exposure to surfaces like paper and mailing materials that could become contaminated.

2.) Requiring your patients to leave their home and go to your office or the post office when it may be better for them to stay home.

3.) Inconvenience under any circumstances.

Having patients "scan" the forms is okay, but some patients may not have a scanner. There's also a downside with hand-written answers on your forms, as you may not be able to read your patient's handwriting!

Here's the answer:

It's time to turn your office forms into fill-able pdfs that patients can download, complete right on their computer, save, and email back to you.

You can integrate these into your own EHR system, offer the forms for download on your website, and print off completed forms in your own controlled environment.

To make computer fill-able pdfs will require Adobe Pro software, and lots of time and patience as you learn how to create and format the data fields.

OR -you can send your current office forms to me and let me take this off your plate. I can convert your current office forms into branded fill-able pdfs with your logo and contact information. I can also create a page on your website for the forms to live, and make them downloadable for your patients.

It's a really stressful time for everyone. I'm here to make the adjustment easier for you and your practice. Let me know how I can help!

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