Your practice and professional success begins with a free phone consultation. We'll discuss your current or future practice, the content and branding work you've already done, and your practice and professional goals. Your expert will recommend one or more of the following steps to bring you closer to your success, and make you stand out among the competition for the types of patients you want to treat.


You'll leave your phone call with a clear plan of next steps, a cost estimate, and the option to pick and choose which action steps you'd like your consultant to implement and when.

PracticeSpecialty Services



  • Website Design, Updates, 
    and Renovations


  • SEO Web Content, Blog Posts,
    and Articles 


  • Social Network Pages:  Design, Posts, and Moderation

  • Strategic Content Marketing

  • Digital Marketing, Adwords, Social Network Advertising

  • Print Design for Flyers, Brochures, Business Ads

  • CRM Content, Automated Emails, Lead Magnets, List Building

  • Online Video Production

  • White Papers, Reports,
    E-Books, E-Courses


  • Press Releases, Media Placements

  • Practice Branding and Competitive Analyses

  • Patient Newsletters

Your Journey To Practice Success

Part One: Build Your FLIGHT MAP to Your Dream Practice

Clarify Your Objective and What You Need

Together, we'll zero in on your practice mission, goals, philosophy and focus. We'll work to identify your ideal patient.

PracticeSpecialty provides worksheets, guidance and coaching to define the path to your ideal future practice. If you already have a practice with an online presence, We'll do a complete online audit of your practice with a list of tasks that can improve your image and outreach.


Assess The Competition

We assess the marketplace for the practice niche you seek by comparing multiple aspects of your top ten most likely competitors. We analyze their social networks, their website, their voice, their specialties. We then compare all of these factors to where you are now, and advise you on what you'll need to gain the upper hand in winning the attention of your ideal patient. 

Brand Your Practice for Marketing Success

We'll help you create a voice, image, and content that reflect your mission and your dream practice. More than just colors, logos and a name, your brand defines and communicates your promise to deliver the precise quality of care, and approach to health that your ideal patient seeks. It is a benchmark you set for yourself to keep you on track toward your goal. You'll keep a copy of your new brand guidelines so that your staff and future consultants can also stay on track.

Sample Package

Dr. Z wants to change the focus of his practice to functional medicine. We assessed the top competitors in his area for functional medicine and analyzed both his and their websites and online reviews, social media and marketing to give him an idea of what he needs to do to change his website and marketing to compete. He now has a clear and complete task list of changes to make to his branding and digital content to help him succeed.

Part Two: Construct a CONTENT JET ENGINE To Take You To Your Goal

Website Construction or Renovation

Whether you already have a website or need us to create your first practice website, We'll get to work at planning, designing (or remodeling), organizing and writing content for a tight, well-constructed website that your patients will want to explore.

  • We work in the major platform you choose, including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or Vistaprint.

  • We can find a custom domain URL for you, help you choose the right host server, themes, images and plugins. We
    can either manage the site for you or teach you and your staff how to make your own content updates.

​PracticeSpecialty.com also:

  • Builds online contact forms with a lead magnets to bring in new patients who visit your website.

  • Designs pop-ups, lightboxes and landing pages.

  • Creates SEO content with the right keywords, or improve your existing SEO

  • If you've purchased a package plan with a pre-made or subscription website from an industry provider, we can work with that provider to improve and customize the look and feel of your site to make it your own.

On-Brand Forms and Print Fundamentals

Bring your brand into the patient's clinic experience with branded medical forms, signage, office brochures, business cards. We can also prepare digital pdfs of your office intake and medical forms that can be downloaded from your website and filled out on a computer for convenience.

Professional Branded Social Pages and Search Listings

We'll claim the free major social network pages for your practice, and fill them with professional on-brand imagery, business information, logos and initial posts. Whether or not you continue to participate on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, you'll still want your company page ready and waiting on those platforms to improve your SEO. We'll also craft your inintial Yelp and Google business listings so patients searching for local providers can find you.

Multi-Purposed Content for Digital and Print Outreach

Send a brainstorm email explaining your treatment approach on a condition, and we'll do the rest. We'll prepare outstanding content for a webpage, blog post or article, flyer, lobby brochure, press release, newsletter piece, marketing email, social posts and more. 

Sample Package

A small practice already had a basic website, but had a new name, new personnel and many updates. They wanted a fresh new look. We used their same platform and created a new branded logo, choosing complimentary images for their new goal, and reworked exisitng text with a new page order for better user experience (UX).


We carried their new brand through to the office experience by crafting a practice trifold brochure and new signage for the office that built on the same design and content theme.

Sample Package

A business consultant to the health professions had a big client interview in one week. She had no website and no print materials to describe her services and wanted to impress the new prospect.

We crafted a simple but beautiful one-page website plus a print flyer that showcased her services and accomplishments. All for a great price and super-quick turnaround. She got the client!

Part Three: Let Me CO-PILOT as Your Digital Content Manager.

We serve as an ongoing content manager for a limited number of retainer clients. This can include managing your website content updates, creating patient newsletters and marketing emails, managing your social networks and posts, creating weekly or monthly blog posts or articles, and more!


There is often a waiting list to become a retainer client. Monthly retainer fees are negotiated based on the number of hours of content creation/management your practice will need. Once the content is launched and in place, 5 -10 hours a month of co-piloting is a good maintenance plan.  


The advantage to becoming a retainer client is that it makes budgeting easier, you'll have priority on the schedule for your projects and have us on standby for emergency projects.

(ALTERNATIVE: We can come in and train you, your associates or assistants to manage your website, marketing funnels, email lists, and social networks independently.)


You always own what we build and can cancel our contract at any time without losing any content or access to/ownership of your purchased online material. That's simply not true of the big industry digital package providers. 

Sample Package

Dr. Y pays for 10 hours of digital content work each month. She gets 3 Facebook posts per week, and has used her hours for a website overhaul, new banners on all major social network pages, editing and posting health articles to her website, and converted all her office forms to online pdfs -- All for a fraction of the cost of a marketing assistant, and much less than the big marketing subscription companies.


Helping Health Professionals Win Their Niche

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